Luis Velez Speed & Conditioning Academy

The Luis Velez Speed & Conditioning Academy is sports-Specific training for young athletes in the Catawba Valley and Lenoir-Rhyne University. 


  • Team training and individual training are offered every summer including professional instruction in:
    • Proper warm-up and cool down
    • Injury Prevention
    • Core Training
    • Form running
    • Plyometric training
    • Agility and quickness
  • There’s a science behind sports-specific fitness 
  • My goal is to help you improve your fitness potential by implementing training methods used by elite athletes  
  • At the end of this camp you will understand the training principles that can help you improve your fitness 
  • You will learn new and exciting ways to train, and you will also learn how to train specifically for your sport and the position that you play 
  • One on One and Team Training are available